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Within the framework of the ESJF’s European Commission-funded pilot project Protecting the Jewish Cemeteries of Europe: Continuation of the Mapping Process, Stakeholders’ Involvement and Awareness Raising, ESJF is embarking on a new project to map and survey 1,700 Jewish cemetery sites across 7 countries in Central and Eastern Europe: Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

The project, running from June 2020 until June 2021, builds upon the work of the previous grant, which saw the ESJF carrying  out ground and drone surveys of 1,424 Jewish cemetery sites, for archive in our comprehensive, open-access database  of European Jewish cemeteries.

As with the previous project, the mapping process is carried  out through the employment of state-of-the-art UAV technology specially tailored to the project, which is used to survey  and photograph the sites from multiple angles. These efforts  will be supplemented by in-depth historical overviews of the sites, written with the aid of historical maps and centuries-old records across many countries and languages. Signs are placed at each surveyed site to mark the completion of our work.

ESJF believes that ensuring these sites are properly mapped  and accounted for is the first step towards their long-term preservation.


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Teaching 20th century multicultural Greek history through Jewish family stories, promoting interreligious tolerance in the Balkans

As part of our new EU-funded Pilot Project: “Rescue by Recognition: Mapping Jewish Cemeteries in Europe”, ESJF is working with our partners at Centropa to carry out educational programmes across Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

The first events of the programme will consist of two-day teacher training seminars in each of the countries, in which veteran educators from Centropa and ESJF will lead workshops providing participants with all the tools necessary to bring Jewish heritage to their classrooms in a meaningful, engaging way.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend talks from experts on Jewish heritage, workshops on developing lesson plans and making educational films, screenings of short documentaries by Centropa and ESJF, and guided tours of local Jewish cemeteries and synagogues.

This is a fantastic opportunity for educators with an interest in teaching Jewish heritage.



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