As Surveys Finish in Zhytomyr, ESJF Moves on to Dnipropetrovsk

ESJF are pleased to announce that last week we wrapped up our surveys in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine, during which we were able to visit 88 sites. Now, our teams are making progress on cemeteries in the Dnipropetrovsk region, and yesterday, they sent us these photos from the Pavlohrad Jewish cemetery.

There are records of a Jewish community in Pavlohrad from at least the late 18th century, from which point the population continued to expand. According to the 1897 census, the city was home to 4,382 Jews. Despite a number of pogroms in the early 20th century, the Jewish community in the city persevered, playing an integral role in the local printing and leather industries and running a Yiddish language school. However, this population dwindled under Soviet rule, numbering only 2,510 at the outbreak of the Second World War. Nazi troops occupied the city on October 11th, 1941, after which the Jewish population was devastated, as the remaining local Jews, along with Jewish refugees from Poland, were forced into labour camps and systematically murdered.